National kiss a ginger day

Celebrate 'Kiss a Ginger Day!

"Their fiery hair, pale skin, and bright eyes make redheads some of the most stunning people in the world. And on Friday, January 12, we get to celebrate them on National Kiss a Ginger Day!...


Kiss a ginger day. If you missed it. Then grab your nearest ginger and kiss them! ha! We had so much fun today. Be sure to check out J House Vlogs Channel here

The Founder of Kiss A Ginger Day

Kiss A Ginger Day founder, Derek Forgie, thanks Ginger With Attitude for our support for his tongue in cheek response to, "Kick A Ginger Day.'


News reporter Mark Dailey (CITYTV Toronto) DISSES red heads. I love Mark Daily's quick one liners like this... oh and by the way I'M a ginger myself..

Kick a Ginger Day

This holiday originated on a South Park episode. You celebrate it on November 20 by kicking anyone that you see with red hair, also known as "gingers." Tell me your opinions on this. ...

Kiss a Ginger!

In honour of the "National Kiss a Ginger Day"! Music credit:

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